Ministries & How We Serve

The ministries and works carried out by the Brothers encompass a wide range of gifts, skills and services. At the grassroots level, Franciscans specialize in serving as “brothers to others” on the journey through life. Some of our Brothers specialize in one or a few types of ministries; between us all, we’re engaged in many kinds of prayer, study and work that connect with individuals and communities here and around the world. The ministries are an expression of our relationship with, and devotion, to God.

The Three Ways of Service

In the life of the Community, as a whole, there are three ways of service that – according to the spirituality, witness and works of St. Francis (and, for that reason, our contemporary Principles) – we hope you’ll find in full and balanced expression. They are prayer, study and work.

At Little Portion, you’ll find them in our approach to guesthouse ministry, in which we strive to serve joyfully and simply. At the same time, we are ready to lay aside all other work, including even the work of prayer, to help those who visit if such service is immediately required, confident that such a “negligence” would surely be well-pleasing to the Servant of all.

Our mission and outreach ministries – the ways in which we serve outside the walls of Little Portion – are equally involved in lending ourselves to the work of relief. Poverty is central to our Franciscan ethos, in all its forms (utter dependence on God, emptying of self, poverty of spirit, material poverty) so we cooperate with others who are seeking justice and peace and strive to make positive change for the powerless, poor and most vulnerable.

All are called to labor with God to help the powerless in some way and Franciscans, especially, are called – by way of a life of devotion, by sacred study and by works – to give countercultural witness to the worldly competition, widespread materialism, and sense of self-possession outside our friaries.

Sharing God’s Love

We seek to share God’s love; and, remembering that such love is measured by sacrifice, we gladly spend whatever gifts we possess of body, mind and spirit in the service of those to whom God calls us to minister.